Both new buildings of the Mindszenty school has progressed far within the framework of the project carried out by Szabadics and B&G.
Significant developments are made on the buildings of Mindszenty József Általános Iskola, Gimnázium és Kollégium (Mintszenty József Elementary and Grammar School and Dormitory) in Zalaegerszeg. Szabadics Zrt and B&G Építő Kft executes the construction of the new gymnasium and new fencing hall of the over one-hundred years old institute. The Magyar Építők asked Ignác Varga, the director of the surface construction business branch of Szabadics Zrt about the progress of the developments.

Work is already at the building engineering phase in case of both buildings.

“The structure of the new buildings of Mindszenty school was completed by April, when the internal assembly works, facade and thermal insulation works were started”, said the director. More than a hundred workers are working at any one time on the site under the supervision of Tamás Bencze project leader, he added.
Among other tasks, dry wall building, installation of separating walls, cables and pipelines, and the pouring of the concrete floor are being undertaken currently in the gymnasium.
At the same time, external works of the building are also well-progressed. “The thermal insulating plaster and the covering brick layer have already been installed on all four facades, and all doors and windows are in place as well”, said Ignác Varga.
The fencing hall is also in a similarly constructed state. “Work similar to those going on at the gymnasium are being executed here as well, including external work on the facade. Of course, all improvement work of the buildings are carried out with the roof being sealed off against precipitation.”

The buildings will be approachable through an asphalt covered sports track

The new buildings were erected North of the old buildings, on the property of Mindszenty school, supported by the Notre Dame Női Kanonok- és Tanítórend teaching order. “Building a connecting corridor between the old school building and the gymnasium is also part of the project, so the students can approach the new building, regardless of the weather”, said the manager.
Mátyás király street, which serves as an entryway to the construction site, was declared a one-way street, creating a further challenge for the constructing company. “We had to rearrange our transportation methods. It was an important condition that we had to prepare the upper sports track of the institute completely but without the covering asphalt layer, and then we could start the structure building of the part leading to the gymnasium, which made organizing the execution of the tasks difficult.” The construction of the parking lot is also starting.
As part of the investment, the fence and the gate of the school on Zárda street will also be refurbished, and new parking lots will be built. The execution of this latter will be shortly started by Szabadics.
Ignác Varga also mentioned that they have been strictly adhering to all rules and regulations implemented due to the coronavirus, and that they regularly carry out inspections at the worksite. “Receiving supplies in this unusual situation is really unreliable, just like in case of other projects. The delivery dates of special materials arriving from Italy, Austria or France are uncertain”, he said.