Branches of business

Civil engineering – underground construction division

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Our company started this business in the Dunántúl (Transdanube geographical area), constructing sewer systems and sewage systems of towns and villages, and developing waste water treatment plants. The majority of the references are from this area. The water demand of the public water utilities in Hungary is met in 65% by vulnerable water resources. Thus it is of great importance that the safety of drinking water supply is improved, constructing modern water purification technologies. Our company’s aim is to help improvement by this business due to the serious vulnerability of the water resources of towns and villages. Our subsurface civil engineering business carried out work in more than 400 towns and villages in Hungary in the last decades. In the framework of these projects, we have laid over 3000 km pipeline, and constructed more than 50 waste water treatment plants. The capacity of these plants is between 50 m3/day and 21 000 m3/day.

Civil engineering – surface construction division

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In March 2018, we organized our surface construction into a separate branch, in order to have a significant role in this field of the construction industry. The predecessors of this business were surface construction companies of the company group, with ten years of expertise and proficiency in the profession. You can find the construction of public buildings, sports complexes, swimming pools, and industrial halls among our references, complemented with works carried out in schools, kindergartens, social child protection establishments, and in the famous Erzsébet camp of Zánka.