The gymnasium in Csákánydoroszló, in Vas county, to be opened in 2021 is being erected and the building has reached its highest point – the structure itself is completed. The buildings stretches on 860 square meters, and is built from the investment of net 621 million Hungarian Forint. Géza Rajkai is the project leader and Roland Szabadics is the regional manager.

The size of the arena is 18×30 m, and it will be covered in sports cover and equipped with sports equipment. Part of the gymnasium is to be a social area, where toilets and changing rooms will be located. The facade will have brick and wood covering.

An area of about 600 square meters will be paved around the gymnasium, including the parking lots.

The building has some special characteristics: the pasted wooden support roof structure, spanning almost 20 meters, and the visible brick covering around the arena.

Currently the installation of the pasted wooden supports and the separating walls of the social area and the building of the structure is undertaken. The installation of the pasted wooden supports above the arena will be starting soon, followed by the installation of the roof structure; building engineering and electric basic works soon will begin in the social area, parallel with finalizing the separating walls and floors.