József Szabadics – honorary company president

He graduated from a technical school specializing in mining, and started work at Pápai Víztársulás as a construction foreman, from where he later transferred to Zalakomár. After the political transformation, he started constructing sewers as a self-employed expert, with headquarters in Zalakaros. He founded the Szabadics Kft in 1997 with his sons, and he became the Managing Director. He used to be a municipal councillor in Zalakaros, and the chairman of the economy committee and the Zalakarosi Vállalkozók Szövetsége (Zalakaros sole proprietors’ union). He was awarded the freeman of Zalakomár and Zalakaros award by the Municipalities. As a recognition of his work, he was awarded many medals by a number of Ministers and professional organisations. He speaks German. Presently he is the honorary company president of the Szabadics Zrt.