Szabadics WORK Kft.

The company was founded on 14th March, 2018, by the parent company, Szabadics Építőipari Zrt. The organization and equipment of Szabadics Work Kft was created to carry out subsurface civil engineering tasks in the most effective way. The company mostly participates in the subsurface civil engineering activities of the parent company, and also executes sewage water investment works in the market. Beside the subsurface civil engineering activities, the company also has a mechanic workshop, serving the market.

Szabadics BUILD Kft.

The company was founded on 5th September, 2018, by the parent company, Szabadics Építőipari Zrt. Its organization and equipment is suitable mainly for supporting the surface construction projects of the parent company. In this framework, it has its own construction capacity (housepainter, tile, PVC floor cover, hardwood floor and wall cover installation teams), and it is also on the market in a builder capacity.

Azbeszt Diagnosztika Kft.

In September 2020, our subsidiary Azbeszt Diagnosztika Kft. was established to handle the group’s public utility network diagnostic works. The company conducts examinations, diagnostics, and condition assessments of non-metallic public utility pipelines using modern and innovative tools and equipment. The establishment of this company was justified by the fact that a very high percentage (approximately 40-60%) of asbestos cement pipes were used in Hungary. Additionally, there are substantial lengths and large diameters of prestressed reinforced concrete pipes, known as SENTAB pipes. The goal of Azbeszt Diagnosztika Kft. is to provide information to operating companies by examining these pipelines. This information helps them determine the future fate of these pipes and facilitate decision-making regarding further actions.


Aqua Consult Hungary Kft.

The company has been the member of the Szabadics company group since June 2012 as an independent organizational unit. The company specializes in the construction of ferroconcrete structures, and carries out the building of ferroconcrete bridges, underpasses and water construction objects. Besides the projects from the market, the company is involved in the structural building projects of the Szabadics Építőipari Zrt as sub-contractor.