Civil engineering

Since March 2018, our Building construction activities are performed in the framework of an independent business division. The predecessors of this division were construction companies within the group. Thanks to our colleagues who contributed to the establishment of this division, we were able to participate in the realization of significant projects within a short period. The scope of the completed projects are representing quite a wide range. The predecessor of our Building Construction business division started its activities decades ago with the construction of apartment buildings and office buildings in Zala and later in Somogy County, which now extends to he Transdanubian region of Hungary as well. Among our references, there are public institutions, industrial facilities, sports and leisure facilities, residential buildings. The execution works of this division are supported by Szabadics-Build Kft., a subsidiary of the group. 

Public Institutions, Residential Buildings, Office Buildings

We have been involved in the renovation and expansion of numerous public institutions, schools and healthcare facilities, including several buildings under monument protection and local protection. We have also carried out energy efficiency renovations in these institutions, installing solar panels and/or solar collectors as required. The execution of these institutions presented special professional and organizational challenges during ongoing operations.

Since our organizational restructuring, the scale of our projects has significantly widened increased. Among our major general construction works, we have completed projects such as the renovation of a historic building, the construction of a 151-apartment condominium, social and child protection buildings, visitor centers and office buildings. One of the significant projects was the Kis-Balaton Tourist Visitor Center in Keszthely-Fenékpuszta, where soil probe thermal pumps were installed for heating the facility. We have also been involved in the renovation and expansion of several schools. Our major general construction projects also included significant interior design work.

Sports and Leisure Facilities

The changing market conditions and demands have influenced the scope of activities of our company’s Building Construction division. In recent years, we have been involved in several public spa development projects in the Western Transdanubian region, where we completed swimming pool constructions, water slide park and sauna installations. We have been involved in the building of facilities as swimming pools, gymnasiums, fencing  both in the Eastern and Western regions of the country. Additionally, we have participated in the establishment of outdoor recreational parks and thermal lakes, within which sports fields, running tracks and special facilities such as summer ski slopes and adventure tracks have been built.

We are proud for our contribution to the comprehensive renovation projects of the Erzsébet Camps in Fonyód and Zánka. In the Zánka camp area, after significant demolition tasks, we constructed a sports hall and theater complex, a kitchen and restaurant with advanced kitchen technology, a health center, a service building, as well as summer and winter buildings covering an area of thousands of square meters, a folk house and a 1743 m2 sports hall.

Industrial Facilities

The economic development in recent years has led to an increased demand for the construction of industrial facilities, allowing our Building Construction division to play a significant role in building various industrial facilities. Our projects included the general execution of halls with steel and precast reinforced concrete structures, resting on both drilled pile footing and on spread footing. Among others, we constructed the Incubator House and ODBE hall in the Northern Industrial Zone in Zalaegerszeg and within existing operational areas, we carried out the construction of an 8200 m2 warehouse hall as part of a site development. Leveraging the expertise of professionals in both our Building Construction and Civil Engineering divisions, we established a site in Vasvár, utilizing 2 x 750 m2 floor area, incorporating significant utility developments, roadworks and utility constructions.