Civil engineering

Public Utility Network Construction

Decades ago, our company started its activities in the Transdanubian region with the construction of sewage systems, town sewer systems and the development of wastewater treatment plants. In recent years, our activities have expanded to the Eastern parts of the country, as well as beyond our borders, to Romania and Croatia. In these countries public utility development projects have been realized.

Majority of our references are related to the construction of sewage systems. Thanks to our professional background and extensive experience, we are equally capable of building both smaller and larger complex systems.

In Hungary, 65% of the water supply system’s demand is provided by vulnerable water bases. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to improve the security of drinking water supply by establishing modern water purification technologies. Our colleagues at the Civil Engineering division that are dealing with the construction of drinking water supply systems are contributing to the achievement of this objective.

The aging of the existing drinking water supply systems poses an increasingly significant problem. Our company has also been playing a prominent role in the reconstruction of water supply systems for years.

Urban Infrastructure Developments

In addition to our traditional activities related to water utilities, the need for the reconstruction and construction of complex road, public utility and landscaping infrastructures have been continuously increasing both in existing municipalities and in new industrial development areas.

During the reconstruction works, significant professional challenges were successfully met in downtown areas of Nagykanizsa, Hévíz, Zalakaros and Zalaegerszeg. Simultaneously, the development of new industrial areas in municipalities has become one of the fundamental pillars of our activities.

Hydraulic Engineering and Construction Activities

An important segment of preserving our environment is the protection against water damage. In all our activities related to waters, the protection of natural values, preservation of environmental conditions and safeguarding our water resources are fundamental considerations. Our company has significant experience and references in environmental protection and water management works.  Activities of our Hydraulic Engineering team include water management projects, construction of hydraulic engineering structures, flood protection and river regulation projects. We played a key role in water engineering works carried out in protected natural conservation areas such as Kis-Balaton, Szigetköz and Fertő Lake. We played a key role in the construction of flood protection systems of Danube, Drava and Rába rivers, in the construction of different rainwater reservoirs as well as in the hydro-mechanical dredging of Fertő Lake and the Bezeréd Danube branch.