Currently the Donja Dubrava Agglomerációs Szennyvíztisztító és Szennyvízrendszer waste water treatment system is one of the biggest and most important infrastructural investment in Muraköz county.

As part of the “Donja Dubrava agglomeration waste water and its treatment system” project, one of the greatest infrastructural investment in Muraköz county, the water draining system of the Muraköz water works will be constructed.

The construction of the project has been started, and it will result in a very good quality waste water treatment and waste water draining system.

The execution of the construction works at various towns and villages have been split between the consortium partner Tegra d.o.o and Szabadics Zrt., so Szabadics Zrt. will take care of Cirkovljan, Čukovec, Donji Mihaljevec, Sveta Marija and Kotoriba settlements.

One team has already been deployed in Čukovec for public utility earthworks and connecting households to the system. A second team will join the first this month, and a third in February; in the upcoming months, a fourth team will also be involved in the execution of the work.

The next location is Cirkovljan, and the area of work will continue to expand, following the approval of the implementation plans.

The next step will be at the end of February, when the construction of the storm storage basin in Kotoriba will begin. Here a rarely used technology, the so-called Jet Grouting will be applied; it means that the waterproofing of the work pit will be done by high pressure cementbased injection.