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South-Tolna’s Drinking water project

During the project with the improvement of the regional water system and building of 2 pcs 2000m3/day capacity water treatment we supplied 10 villages with healthy drinking water, which is adequate to the limits of EU.
The water treatment plant was improved with a new cleaning technology which included: 1690 m3/day and a 19900 m3/day capacity and 12 new and refurbished clear water reservoirs were built and 2 new ferro-slurry settling pans - 2 pcs 100 m3, 1 pc 50 m3 - capacity and 2 pcs 100 m2 technology building.
For the connection to the regional system 11 pcs intensifier and 28610 m pipeline were made.
The reconstruction works consisted of building 6.436 lm pipeline and the modernization of meter pits. We made the mechanical cleaning of a 25 m³ hydroglobe, 2 pcs water towers and 99.7 km pipeline. 2 new wells were drilled whose depths’ are 40 m and 200 m.

Project’s total amount: 4 113 938 EUR