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The urban district regeneration and renewal of Nagykanizsa

During the construction of „The urban district regeneration and renewal of Nagykanizsa Town with County Rights – Downtown action areas plan II. step” NYDOP-3.1.1/B1-13-k-2013-0006 project, at the area of 652 m of the Main Street the whole system of public utilities was renewed. By the renovation of the combined rain water drainage system and the water pipe system, a new outdoor lighting system and a 4-hub traffic light control system were established.
After the renovation and refurbishment of the system of public utilities, the whole sidewalk section was reconstructed with ornamental stone pavement and the Main street was supplied with new block pavement and asphalt pavement by changing of curbs and the cross-sectional transforming for traffic calming. On the renewed road-section a bike path was built for cyclists. To make the environment complete a new irrigation network, spectacular ornamental plants and street furniture were put out.

Project’s total amount: 3 290 679 EUR