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Nagykanizsa’s Wastewater treatment plant expansion

During the project we accomplished the development of the existing wastewater treatment plant, where the capacity of the plant improved to 21250 m3/day, the average wastewater rate of charging flared to 885 m3/h and the operational and service buildings were renewed. The three-level (mechanical, biological, chemical) wastewater cleaning technology is improved during the project. The plant got capable of the nutriment removal by biological cleaning after the technology improvement. The slurry compression and slurry dehydration were made at the slurry-line development. We introduced a new economical and up-to-date treatment for the nascent unwanted slurry, so we have an opportunity to make use of the biogas and to compost as well. The heating of the plant was realised eco-friendly with the waste heat utilization from the effluent filtered wastewater.

Project’s total amount: 9 640 000 EUR