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Modernization of Keszthely’s Wastewater treatment plant

During the modernization of the plant beside its continual maintenance, a new wastewater cleaning technology was built with slurry treatment and biogas recycling, which satisfies the seasonal needs of 120.000 population equivalent and the highly sensible and strict purification parameters.
At the wastewater treatment plant of Keszthely we improved the existing technology in such a way as to reuse as many pieces as possible while the facility was continuously operating. The plant was expanded with a slurry dispenser facility. At the project we made a wastewater cleaning technology with a living slurry which is capable to satisfy the seasonal load claims. The technology is cascade shape with parallel cleaning lines and pre-settling, biological nitrogen- and phosphor removal, smooth bubble absorbed draught, additional chemical phosphor expulsion, UV sterilization and with the putrefy and compost of the unwanted slurry. The Lake Balaton receives the drawn water which is very sensitive so the drawn water’s phosphor, nitrogen and floating substance level must be on the lowest eduction level, that’s why the innovation optimized is more like the wastewater cleaning efficiency than the capacity increase. With the improvement of the slurry-line the recycling of biogas came true ensuring the plant’s heat demand and a significant part of its energy demand.

Project’s total amount: 8 341 739 EUR