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Project's name Main features Amount Construction period Habitat rehabilitation works' subtotal
Implementation of the water protection system project of Kis-Balaton within the framework of the second implementation phase • Fish ladders: 2 pcs (A series of pool lines, which is a structure provided with a ferro-concrete structure for fish migration in the axis of the bottom line
• Number 7. ecological reconstruction of the appointed areas (Number 7. In a  4,5 ha big area a various water depth habitat was evolved for the Kis-Balaton's lake Fenéki)
11 034 600 € 2012.04.13. - 2014.12.09.   964 685 €
Water recharging of the lower section of the Ásványi branch system, the Bagaméri branch system and the Patkányosi branch system Implementation of water recharging of the lower section of Ásványi,- Bagaméri,- Patkányosi branch system; Establishment of a estuary bottom line and a fish ladder: 3 pcs; Dredging of river branches: 16 pcs; Altering of intermediate structures; Main quantities: Hydraulic engineering structures: 73700 m3; Buidling of sand gravel: 47.455 m3; Ground works: 180100 m3; Setting filter cloth: 30400 m2 7 064 648 € 2012.05.10. - 2015.04.02. 23 549 €