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Drinking water Project in Zalaegerszeg and skirts

With the help of the project we can provide 17 villages with healthy drinking water, which is adequate to the limits of EU.
The water treatment plant was improved with a new cleaning technology with 4500m3/day capacity which contained a 500 m3 clearwater reservoir and two 50 m3 capacity ferro-slurry settling pans and a 250 m2 technology facility. For the connection to the regional system 7 pcs intensifier and 41493 m pipeline were made. The reconstruction contained: 19174 m pipeline, 333 pcs hydrant street box and 2089 pcs residential connection change, 1 pc 200 m3 hydroglobe, 1 pc 300 m3 Hobas reservoir and 142 km existing pipeline mechanical cleaning.

Project’s total amount: 13 161 764 EUR