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Development of Nagyatád and outskirts sewer system and Nagyatád’s wastewater treatment

The sewer system establishment and wastewater treatment facility renewal were made at 9 towns at the improvement of the Nagyatád and outskirts’ sewer system and the Nagyatád wastewater treatment facility project.
At the area of 50 km 3137 properties were attached to the wastewater treatment facility with 50.000 m gravity pipe, 60.000 m delivery-pipe and 27 transfer sink. During the improvement of the living slurry technology the capacity increased to 45890 PE (Population Equivalent) with a part of existing and part of new piece.
A new slurry treatment facility was built up where slurry is composted after dehydration and densification while mixing it with straw with GORE COVER technology and it can be used in agriculture.

Project’s total amount: 15 364 300 EUR