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Feeling at home in the water cycle.

Water facilities

Kis-Balaton Lake’s water quality protection system

We accomplished a water quality protection system and the preservation of Kis-Balaton’s outstanding natural values, which provides the natural filtering function of Central-Europe’s biggest lake Balaton.

Project’s total amount: 11 034 600 EUR


Komárom-Almásfüzítő’s main dam’s project

The flood protection was carried out in the endangered built-up areas by building a new dam and with the reinforcement of the 14,3 km long dam, which is protected by Komárom-Almásfüzitő’s main dam.

Project’s total amount: 17 869 070 EUR


Wastewater cleaning and drainage

Nagykanizsa’s Wastewater treatment plant expansion

After the successfully accomplished project the existing wastewater treatment plant became capable of biological cleaning, modern sludge treatment and recycling of biogas and heat-energy with the more high-efficiency capacity of the plant improved to 21.250 m3/day.

Project’s total amount: 9 640 000 EUR


Modernization of Keszthely’s Wastewater treatment plant

During the modernization of the plant beside its continual maintenance, a new wastewater cleaning technology was built with slurry treatment and biogas recycling, which satisfies the seasonal needs of 120.000 population equivalent and the highly sensible and strict purification parameters.

Project’s total amount: 8 341 739 EUR


Development of Nagyatád and outskirts sewer system and Nagyatád’s wastewater treatment

Within the project 9 villages were affected at the area of 50 km the sewer system establishment was built and the reconstruction of the wastewater treatment facility and its slurry treatment with composting technology.

Project’s total amount: 15 364 300 EUR


Drinking water projects

Drinking water Project in Zalaegerszeg and skirts

With the help of the project we can provide 17 villages with healthy drinking water, which is adequate to the limits of EU. The construction consists of building a new cleaning technology with a 4500m3/day water plant and the enlargement of water network.

Project’s total amount: 13 161 764 EUR


South-Tolna’s Drinking water project

During the project with the improvement of the regional water system and building of 2 pcs 2000m3/day capacity water treatment we supplied 10 villages with healthy drinking water, which is adequate to the limits of EU.

Project’s total amount: 4 113 938 EUR


Szigetvár area clearwater quality improvement

During the project 6 pcs waterworks’ cleaning technology and their establishments were rebuilt to be able to make drinking water, which is adequate to the limits of EU. By modernizing waterworks and developing the drinking water system we could ensure healthy clearwater for 14 villages.

Project’s total amount: 4 403 440 EUR


Dombóvár’s clearwater quality improvement

20 villages were supplied with healthy clearwater, thanks to the technological development of the water plant and the extension of the drinking water system, which is adequate to the limits of EU.

Project’s total amount: 8 079 482 EUR


Urban district regeneration

The urban district regeneration and renewal of Nagykanizsa

During the reconstruction project of Nagykanizsa downtown, besides traffic calming, landscape architecture and environmental planning of the Main Street, the connecting community squares were renewed.

Project’s total amount: 3 290 679 EUR